Parent’s Guide

Dance class can be a wonderful experience for your child, whether their goals are recreational or professional. It will make the experience even better if you and your family keep the following points in mind.

Please follow the policies of the dance studio. Rules, regulations and policies are set forth to make the business run smoothly, make it fair for all involved and keep problems from arising. Please support our rules. This includes dress code, attendance, and respect for the teachers.

Please pay your tuition on time. Some parents do not pay on time or at all. Dance studios have overhead to stay in business. If you walked into a store, took a loaf of bread and tried not to pay, you would not get away with it.

Please do not expect your child to take a class that is not paid for, a student will be asked to leave if tuition is not paid. It is not fair to the others who pay on time.

Please do not argue about the level your child is in. Teachers are trained, just like any other professional, to know what is required of students. A student must be physically, technically and mentally (work ethic) ready to move up. It hurts a student to be moved when they are not ready. He or she will struggle and never be able to keep up or the rest of the class will be held back trying to get this student to catch up.

Trust the teachers to know their job. Just as they would not presume to tell you how to do your job or raise your child, because they trust you know what your are doing, please give them the same courtesy.

Please do not compare your child to others in the class. Each dancer is unique and individual, with their own strengths and weaknesses, comparing your child to others (either favorably or negatively) only causes issues. Please focus on your child and not the other dancers.

It is disrespectful to gossip to anyone, including your child, about their teachers. Please do not complain about your child having a certain teacher. All staff members are well trained and if you have a question or concern, frame it in an adult manner and speak to the studio director.

Please make your own decisions. Do not gather in front of the studio to gossip. You are all individual persons, by age mature, so please do not follow the one who complains the loudest. If you do have a complaint, keep it "your complaint". Words like others complain about this too, tell us you need others to support your story.

Please get your child to class on time and all of the time. Missing class not only hurts your child's progress but that of the entire class. Teachers and studio owners are people too. Most misunderstandings are cleared up with effective communication. Everyone makes mistakes, so please keep the lines of communication open.

Please do not "double book" your child's activities and then get upset with the studio when we tell you attendance is mandatory. A student should only miss class because of illness or some other extenuating circumstance. Please choose between scouts, skating, soccer, etc and dance if it is offered at the same time.

Please check all papers your child brings home. Check their dance bag. Many times important notices go unread because they are left in the bottom of the bag. Check the bulletin board and web-site to keep current on all dance studio information.

Know what you are getting into before you start. We have clearly stated our policies, fees, and expectations.

Finally, please keep a positive outlook. We are all working together for your child's success. Hopefully, as a side effect, dance will help your child develop poise, self confidence, discipline & respect for themselves and others.

Hints For Dancer

Class, Rehearsals And Performances

Be On Time

Wear Correct Clothing And Shoes

Stretch Daily

Wear Hair Away From Your Face

If You Are Confused, Ask A Question

Learn To Accept Constructive Criticism In The Spirit It Is Intended

Be Responsible For Your Own Items, Have Your Name In All Of Your Belongings

Eat Healty Food And Stay Hydrated

Communicate Openly And Honestly, With The Proper Attitude

Be Considerate When Working With Others

Always Try Your Hardest And Do Your Best

Practice Your Smile In Class And At Rehearsals

Come To Class Ready To Work Not Socialize