Dance Company Policies

These policies are to make sure all dance company members and their parents are aware of their obligations as being part of the dance factory dancers. Please keep this for your reference.

  1. The dance company is a team, as such all members must give 100% to the team and consider what is beneficial to the group and not the individual.
  2. Every dance company member (including minis & petites) must attend all competitions and shows even if you are not performing. You must be there to support the other dancers for every number. Failure to do this will jepardize your participation in the dance company. You must be available the entire weekend of a competition.
  3. All dance company members must take tap, ballet, and jazz. You must attend all rehearsals and your regular classes. You are allowed 2 excused absenses per session from your regular classes. You may only miss your regular classes, competitions and rehearsals if you are ill. Attending other activities without telling the director or instructor is not acceptable. You must call the studio if you are ill and will be absent. Rehearsal and competition schedules are given out way ahead of time so you must rearange your schedule around these dates,
  4. Dance company members are grouped and solos are given at the discretion of the director and instructor.
  5. If a student does not attain the skills necessary for a certain dance, they will not be allowed to perform or compete that dance until they do. If a student is removed from a number, she must still attend the performance or competition.
  6. If you miss either of the 2 rehearsals right before a performance or competition you will not be eligible to compete or perform at that time. Tardiness for rehearsals and regular classes will not be tolerated.
  7. You must attend some summer dance program every year. When you dance at competition level you cannot go 2 or 3 months without dancing.
  8. We must have a commitment from each dance company member to participate in any special programs we ae doing. For example, if we decide to do a national competition or perform at some venue during the summer, we must have your commitment now to participate so dances can be choreographed accordingly. If you cannot make this commitment you may be removed from some dances.
  9. When attending a competition or show you are representing the director and the studio, therefore, at all times you will act respectful to your fellow group members, teachers, your parents and people from other studios. We will not tolerate anyone being nasty or having an attitude. We have no stars at our studio and the students who take one class a week and only do the recital are equal to everyone in the dance company. By being part of the dance company you set an example for the rest of the students in the studio. Your behavior must meet dance company standards at all times.
  10. We will be forming committees for fundraisers for the dance company. All parents must participate. This money is used to defray competition costs and prop fees. If we do not have fundraisers each competition student will be assessed a prop fee.
  11. You were asked to be part of the dance company because of your ability and attitude. To remain a member this cannot change. You must be re-chosen each year to participate and failing to comply with these rules could result in your being put on probation or asked to leave. Once you have left the dance company you may not return.
  12. Please read these policies carefully so there are no questions about what is expected. We are all looking forward to another great year.